Automate Manual Tasks.

Save Time and Reduce Cost.

Innovative solutions for hotel operation excellence

Guest Satisfaction

Stay guest-focused with mobile friendly solutions that empower hospitality staff to meet guests’ needs immediately

Staff Empowerment

Improve staff morale and give your staff pre-set bandwidth to make decisions that increase the guest experience

Operational Efficiency

Automate complex and mundane processes to ensure symbiotic operational efficiency across all departments

We Empower Hoteliers To Do What They Do Best
FCS helps hoteliers optimize their resources with price point attractive solutions in order to maximize results without compromising service quality. Our solutions work in the background, so that hoteliers can focus on what’s most important – enriching the guests’ experiences.  By providing solutions that give you the competitive edge to lead the market, we enable you to do what you do best.


Reduced man hours for housekeeping staff

Source: Pre- and post FCS Solutions installation comparison


Reduced man hours for non-housekeeping staff

Source: Pre- and post FCS Solutions installation comparison


Reduced non-cleaning operational tasks (room allocations, reporting, other admin, etc.)

Source: Pre- and post FCS Solutions installation comparison

What our customers say


“The successful implementation of FCS Housekeeping and FCS Connect was extremely rewarding. FCS’ provision of local 24/7 on-the-ground support meant that all requests could be dealt with as they arose.”


Justin Dib, IT & Service Manager
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney

What our customers say


“Since the installation of FCS’ Connect and Housekeeping solutions in our hotel, our productivity levels have increased significantly. FCS customized their solutions specifically for our needs, giving us the exact tools we need to run our operations smoothly. Both solutions have eased up our staff’s workload; and resulting in more face time with guests. Our staff is now able to take guest experience to new heights.”


Guido Farina, General Manager
The RuMa Hotel and Residences

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