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Cosmo PMS: Compact, yet powerful

Featured in AccomNewsJuly 2020

AccomNews caught up with FCS’ Director of Sales, Kristin Carville, to find out more about Cosmo PMS.

What sets the FCS PMS system apart from your competitors?

There are a number of features that make FCS’ Cosmo a great choice for hoteliers. Our system is entirely cloud-based, so no need for expensive servers that need constant updating. This feature also allows our system to be totally mobile – your staff can access it on the computer at the reception desk, or directly on their tablet while on-the-go around the hotel.

The set-up of Cosmo is simple – you just need to go to our website and sign up. That’s it! Once you sign up, you can use the PMS for free for 30 days, giving you the chance to try all of the features of Cosmo. The interface is so intuitive that you can simply configure it yourself; no need to wait for technicians to come out on-site nor are there any complicated installations. We also have a simple tutorial that can help guide you along the way and make sure you’re up and running as quickly as possible.


AccomNews Cosmo

Our many years of experience have allowed us to tailor Cosmo to offer the most important features of a PMS for a hotelier at a very affordable price point so that you get maximum value for your money. Features such as the integration with SiteMinder, the Housekeeping module, and the range of reports allow hotels to have all the features of some of the larger systems without the same hefty price tag.

Our contactless integration means that you don’t need old paper registration cards for your guests to sign; a simple e-signature will complete the process and allow for a much neater and easier way for your records to be managed.

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We want you to spend less time worrying so you can spend more time providing the best possible service to your guests

Does your PMS system interface with all of the main channel managers?

Cosmo has partnered with Siteminder to allow hotels to easily and efficiently manage their inventory. We know that this can be a very tedious task but is one that is also very important, so we want you to spend less time worrying about this so you can spend more time providing the best possible service to your guests.

How can Cosmo help hoteliers adapt to the changing environment post COVID-19?

Cosmo, as well as our other operations management solutions, can aid operators in adapting to the change in requirements in a number of ways. With Cosmo, you can provide your guests with a contactless check-in, giving them peace of mind from the minute they arrive. The contact points in the hotel are further minimized by the mobility of the system. With the ability to have the system loaded on a tablet, there is no need for the many clipboards, running sheets, and reports that you would normally need when doing your daily housekeeping. In addition to this, our other solutions can help provide a number of efficiencies that can counteract the extra time and cost that will be associated with the new procedures that have had to be put in place.

Read the full magazine here: 2020 AccomNews PMS Supplement

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