Digital Checklists

Covid-19 Digital Checklists

Step up your COVID-19 readiness plan by empowering your staff with the right tools


In the #NewNormal world, being a hotelier will now be a whole new ball game that requires a new Hotel Technology Strategy. A strategy that will help you do your job swiftly and meticulously.

Keep your eye on the ball and prepare for the safest environment possible with our COVID-19 Digital Checklists. Be ready.

Give your team and guests confidence to be on your premises by using our customizable COVID-19 digital checklists to meet the sanitization requirements of your hotel.


AWS Setup

Easy-to-setup cloud-based solution that requires no hardware installation or extensive man-hours

Customizable checklists

Create checklists that are suited to your unique operations and preferred workflows

Subscription Model

No hefty investments that will burn a hole in your pocket; affordable costs specifically to help hoteliers during these tough times

QR code for Proper Job Tracking

Close jobs by scanning designated QR codes to ensure that tasks are completed as expected and to avoid non-compliance

Enterprise Setup for Hotel Chains

No need for additional licenses for multi-property hotel chains

Paperless trackable records

Digital checklists that minimize physical contact; record-keeping made easy

Separate Mobile Dashboards for GMs

Keep an eye on things, even when on-the-go

Multi-level control system for checklists

No list left unchecked; pre-set rules will help to escalate to the Supervisor/General Manager when no compliance checks have been conducted

Welcome guests back with confidence. Be COVID-19 ready. Create customizable checklists that specifically suit the needs of your hotel operations. Create a checklist for:

Hotel re-opening

Cleaning guest rooms

Cleaning public areas

Daily rounds of premises

Checking department open and closing workflows

Hourly disinfection for all common facilities

Ensuring good personal hygiene practices of staff

Contactless practices of vendors / contractors / visitors

Temporary room / floor / hotel shutdown

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