FCS Suite of Solutions

Choose the right solutions for your hotel with FCS.

FCS Suite of Solutions

Manage time better with automated processes

Intelligent solutions to increase productivity, smoothens workflow which translates into faster response times, and happier guests.

Guest satisfaction takes centre stage 

Solutions aimed at meeting each customer’s unique needs ahead of time. 

Empowered staff means agile hospitality   

With pre-set parameters, hospitality staff are encouraged to make decisions that put the guest first, ensuring client satisfaction is at the forefront of the hotel’s operations.


We have redesigned our products to support hotels as they go through their digital transformation. With a fully revamped intuitive customer interface, our REVO solutions are created to deliver enhanced performance, and to continue empowering hoteliers to focus on what they do best; delivering an exceptional guest experience. It’s truly REVOlutionary. 

FCS Connect


Work smart with FCS Connect REVO. 

Automate and track handling of guest requests, complaints and internal work orders –  from assignment to escalation and follow up.

  • Guest requests management
  • Inter-department work orders management
  • Automated multi-level escalation management
  • Real-time job status overview
  • In-app ad-hoc messaging
  • Job image & voice attachments
  • Report builder & scheduler
  • Ensure that every single task is fulfilled and that no request gets missed out.
  • Raise guest satisfaction to the highest level.
  • Achieve efficient & consistent levels of guest service at an optimized cost.
  • Ensure hotel standards are met according to pre-defined business rules.
  • Improve fluidity of communication.
  • Increase productivity of staff.
FCS Housekeeping


Easily streamline your daily operations for guest rooms and public areas with FCS Housekeeping REVO. 

Optimize and coordinate your housekeeping and cleaning operations. No more pen & paper; no more hours of planning. 

  • Automated scheduling of daily cleaning job assignments
  • Real-time overview of room & public area cleaning status
  • Automated assignment of inspection jobs
  • In-app access to hotel guidelines with photos
  • Inventory management
  • Lost & Found registry
  • Image & voice attachments
  • In-app ad-hoc messaging 
  • Report builder & scheduler
  • Enhance guest satisfaction through quicker turnaround of cleaned rooms & public areas.
  • Improve staff productivity and room cleanliness.
  • Save time and money with efficient manpower allocation.
  • Eliminate manual paperwork while saving paper, trees and the environment.
  • Allocate resources effectively.
  • Manage inventory based on guest rooms occupancy forecast.
FCS Engineering


Keep your hotel running like a well-oiled machine with FCS Engineering REVO. 

Manage your preventive maintenance program, engineering service requests, equipment, and supplies.

  • Engineering work order management
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Equipment and contract management
  • Real-time overview of work status
  • Preventive maintenance checklist
  • Automated escalation management
  • Job image & voice attachments
  • In-app ad-hoc messaging
  • Report builder & scheduler
  • Prevent breakdowns in service even before they happen.
  • Increase the lifespan of assets and equipment with regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Improve staff productivity and optimize resources effectively.
  • Keep property and guests in safe hands by minimizing the chances of accidents due to malfunctioning equipment.  
  • Minimize unnecessary expenses as a result of unexpected equipment failure.
FCS Concierge


Exceed guest expectations with FCS Concierge REVO.

Comprehensive concierge application supporting information and bookings for attractions, events, tours and restaurants, as well as luggage, parcel and transportation operations.

  • Register & deliver guest baggage
  • Tracking valet parking
  • Manage guests’ itinerary
  • Make in-house & non in-house restaurant reservations for guests
  • Track transportation arrangements for guests
  • Access contact directory
  • Handle parcel delivery
  • Register items in lost & found
  • Create profiles for both in-house & non-in-house guests
  • Build & schedule reports
  • Enhance guest experience with personalized service.
  • Reduce guest service time.
  • Minimize delays and wrong deliveries.
  • Reduce risk of loss of guest baggage and other items with end-to-end tracking.
  • Track the status of guest reservations & registered items easily. 
FCS Recovery


Turn dissatisfied guests into your best advocates with FCS Recovery REVO.

Track and document guest complaints and incident recovery processes including escalation, compensation, and follow up.

  • Create and manage incidents via mobile & web applications
  • Track and monitor incidents in real-time
  • Manage escalations
  • Trigger follow-up calls based on incident and guest type
  • Send emails to departments of concern for timely resolution
  • Create and dispatch FCS Connect jobs for runners to promptly perform follow-ups and service recovery (optional)
  • Access history of incidents easily
  • Build & schedule reports
  • Handle all incidents promptly.
  • Increase guest loyalty with instantaneous actions to complaints.
  • Never let an incident go unnoticed.
  • Track all incidents, actions, and compensation costs in one system.
  • Reduce costs by taking preventive actions to eliminate repeated incidents.
  • Know the status of any incident directly from the mobile app.
  • Minimize the hotel’s legal exposure to lawsuits with proper filing and records.
  • Create accountability for all actions taken.

Save time, money and the environment with FCS Solutions

Our solutions are designed to achieve maximum Return On Investment (ROI) and sustainable growth. 

ROI on FCS Solutions

FCS Gateway & Voice

Build a firm foundation for your hotel’s technology infrastructure with our Gateway & Voice Solutions.

FCS Gateway


Experience seamless billing and guest data integration with FCS Gateway. 

A complete gateway solution for providing guest data, call accounting, billing and a wide range of interface hub capabilities with all major PMS and PABX systems in the market.

  • Hosted billing functionalities for all kinds of services including call billing, mini-bar posting, F&B, videos, Internet, bundle billing, etc. 
  • Supports other 3rd party systems for seamless integration for billing to the PMS
  • Remote access for action anytime, anywhere
  • Simplifying complex interface requirements and integrations
  • Minimize the overall costs to integrate your system and connect different products and solutions
  • Gain insight into individual guest preferences to support billing on bundled services
FCS Voice


Ensure seamless communication with FCS Voice.

Robust voice and digital messaging system compatible with all major PMS and PABX systems in the market.

  • Manage voicemails and fax messaging for guests upon check-in and check-out.
  • Auto wake-up call and checkout reminder call for individuals or groups in their preferred language
  • Ensure accurate and timely room status updates via FCS Voice’s IVR function
  • Automate the posting of all minibar transactions via FCS Voice’s IVR function
  • Redirect any unassisted calls to a specific extension or department with the auto-attendant function
  • Simplified communication
  • Easy tracking of guest purchases
  • Peace of mind as a result of secure handling of communications 
  • 24/7 overview of guestroom occupancy 
  • Accurate tracking of guests’ minibar consumption to ensure charging of all additional billable items are not left out in the final bill

“FCS solutions have been a game-changer for us in terms of keeping service levels at PAR and above the industry standards. The efficiency that it brings to the operational team is evident and creates a flawless interdepartmental communication, especially with the product FCS Connect.”

Sunil Rawat, Director of Operations

Conrad Bengaluru

FCS’s Property Management System solution

Build your property on Cosmo and benefit from easy guest check-in and out, quick payment transactions and customized analytical reports.



Enhance your guest experience & boost your property’s revenue with Cosmo. The best part? It’s amazingly affordable too!

Cosmo is the easiest cloud-based Property Management System software designed for all sizes hotels. 

  • Property management 
  • Channel manager
  • Integrated housekeeping module
  • Smart room rate management
  • Customized user mangement
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Customized guest engagement
  • Finance & report management
  • Straightforward & intuitive interface that is easy to use
  • Amazingly affordable PMS that maximizes your return on investment
  • Increase occupancy and revenue by connecting with over 200 OTA integrations available on Cosmo
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
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