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COVID-19 Guidelines: Cleaning and Housekeeping

Reorganising a whole housekeeping operation can be a completely overwhelming task. FCS would like to ease the burden, by reaching out a helping hand to our hospitality industry colleagues and friends, using official guidelines to ensure full compliance.

COVID-19 Guidelines: The Management Team

Hotels have already started implementing housekeeping regimens and protocols, with the safety of their guests and staff at the forefront of their efforts. Read further to find a summary of the WHO guidelines and considerations for The Management Team.

COVID-19 Guidelines: Restaurants, Breakfast, Dining Rooms and Bars

As restaurants and bars re-open or resume operations the following considerations should be kept in mind to protect employees, customers, and communities and slow the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Guidelines: Reception and Concierge

A hotel’s reception & concierge departments are guests’ go-to during their stay. We take a closer look at how these two departments can prepare for guests amidst COVID-19 based on WHO’s recommendations and guidelines and what FCS can do to help hoteliers achieve this.

Cleanliness is everything in hotels

If you had to rate your own stay in a hotel on a feedback site, what would you complain about the most or would put you off from staying there again? Hotel owners value high cleanliness and sanitization levels in their hotel. But are they doing everything they can to achieve those standards?

COVID-19 Guidelines: Technical and Maintenance Services

The Covid-19 pandemic has made an impact in every area of hotel operations, including Technical & Maintenance Services. Are you up-to-date with the WHO’s guidelines and recommendations? And how can you stay ahead of it all?

Technology in the front, nothing in the back?

In the past few years, the importance of technology in our daily lives has increased exponentially – and this is no exception when it comes to hotels. The growing need for connectivity in our world today demands that hotels provide guests with the ability to use multiple devices at high speed in their room. The guests intensified desire for a home away from home, or an experience that they can tailor to their own needs means that features such as the ability to stream own entertainment or personalize the ambience of their room are becoming the new norm.

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