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COVID-19 Guidelines and considerations

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Since 1982, our main priority at FCS is to improve the operations of hotels around the world. With the world currently in a state of flux, anticipating the changes as a result of COVID-19 is critical to be ahead of the curve.

Hotels have already started implementing housekeeping regimens and protocols; with the safety of their guests and staff at the forefront of their efforts.

Reorganizing a whole housekeeping operation, however, can be a completely overwhelming task. FCS would like to ease the burden, by reaching out a helping hand to our hospitality industry colleagues and friends, using official guidelines to ensure full compliance.

Read further to find a summary of the World Health Organization guidelines and considerations for The Management Team.

No plan can be in place without first the consideration for how to properly execute.

WHO recommends management teams to contact their local health authorities to establish an action plan. This will allow the implementation of additional measures to prevent spread, manage cases and mitigate the impact. These measures may include additional cleaning, social distancing, and disinfection procedure of rooms occupied by ill persons and so on.

To do checklist

Mobilisation of resources
The management team and others responsible should ensure the availability of all necessary resources.

The provision of resources should also include equipment and procedures used to manage an ill person(s) and their possible contacts. This will vary on a country-by-country level.

To monitor the effectiveness of said action plan, the plan itself and effectiveness of the undertaken measures must be measured frequently to VERIFY COMPLIANCE.

It is advised to keep a thorough log of important actions and measures taken – this can be used to evaluate and improve any further actions.

Open lines of communication between management and staff are fully encouraged to define an information policy. This will allow all staff to be fully aware of the guidelines, policies and procedures in place to inform guests and ensure full alignment.

Communication methods can include informative posters, leaflets and up-to-date contact information.

Training & information
It is encouraged that all staff should be informed and trained in the measures required to be taken to fully protect themselves and guests.

Combination of Web and Mobile

If any issues do arise, it makes it easier to implement the necessary remedy; minimizing the impact on the guest as well as the hotel

The biggest challenge facing management in hotels is the need to manage ‘a la minute’. You need to be on top of everything that is happening at the hotel right at that moment. With the range of management solutions offered by FCS, this is now more possible than ever.

The combination of web and mobile platforms means that management can access information on what is happening at the hotel either at their desk or on-the-go and get a snapshot of the actions being taken by the staff. If any issues do arise, it makes it easier to implement the necessary remedy; minimizing the impact on the guest as well as the hotel.

The mobility of the solutions means that communications are now much easier and smoother. Instead of having to physically track down the staff, or try and contact them on a personal phone, staff can simply send messages to each other using the FCS apps. With the ability to track the receipt status of messages, the management team can be certain that all staff members will receive the necessary updates.

Customizable checklists and task planners mean that you are able to ensure that staff are made aware of the tasks they are required to undertake.

This is particularly important during this time when a lot of new procedures will be implemented; giving the hotel and its guests peace of mind.

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